Book Review-No one writes to the Colonel


This book is a harrowing read but a fantastic tribute to daily struggle. In lost than 80 pages, you are exported to South America and exposed to the harshest of poverty. We follow an elderly couple, the husband a revolutionary soldier, awaiting his pension for serving. There is no doubt that Marquez rights with both compassion and a sense of musicality.

We watch the husband lie to his wife, sell a token that was the only reminder of their son yet he never looses hope. Even as he struggles to but food on the table there is a resonating tone of happiness underlying the story. One that highlights that even when humans are faced with the most difficult situations they can triumph against adversity.

“Life is the best thing that’s ever been invented.”

Sometimes we need a read that is going to offer us some reassurance, transport us away from our daily life and remind us that we must not love faith and this book is successful at doing just this. You can read it in one sitting and afterwards I am sure you will feel a sense of renewal.

“The only thing that comes for sure is death.”

Whilst my life is nothing like that of the old man, he offers me inspiration. He is not afraid of death and he will welcome it when it arrives. Hunger does not worry him, he has experienced it for too long now. But he feels love, for his wife and son, he is respected and he is free, something that can never be taken away from him. This book is a tribute, to the thousands of men like him who suffered in silence but never lost hope.


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