A 10km Sunday Walk



When you wake up on a Sunday and you’ve got no plans it can go one of two ways

  • You can sleep in, have a big brunch and spend the day relaxing or
  • You can go and make memories

This Sunday I ended up walking 10 km across London from Clapham to Putney along the river Thames. I woke up feeling pretty sluggish and as though I would not be able to achieve much and ended the day on a complete high. This journey, once you arrive at Battersea Embankment, is part of Thames Path along the Southside. The Thames Path is it is easily labelled the whole way and of course it is along the river. The interesting thing about going on a walk like this is watching the architecture change. The other good thing about going on a long walk is that you can have a 3 course Sunday roast (in the Coach and Badge in Putney, which is amazing by the way!) and not feel guilty.

We started in Clapham, by Clapham North station. From here you can follow the high street, past Clapham Common station and which point you need to verge right. You can walk along the common and down Cedars Road or towards Nine Elms, Battersea Park and Power Station. The main point at this part of the route is to ensure you want to walk towards the river. The power station provides a great landmark to ensure you are on course. If you want to make the walk a little shorter, you can also start at Clapham Junction station.

Once you arrive at the river you are free to alter the route as you would like. You can divert along to the North side if you prefer or verge off the main footpath and into various communities. There were some lovely cute bars and restaurants along the way and a nice tasty looking bakery for Bread Centrale, which I will certainly be calling back to. The key thing to do with a walk like this is vary it as you like and don’t feel that you have to stick to it too rigidly. And like I said, treat yourself at the end of it to a nice tasty lunch!




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