10,000 steps.

I recently got a Fitbit and it is really useful but also a little overwhelming in certain respects. The recommended daily steps is 10,000, which doesn’t seem like a lot but when you are in an office job or its the weekend it can be difficult to hit such a high figure.  Just to test out the theory I decided you go on a rather long walk on one of my days off from Crystal Palace to Brixton, which is about 4 miles. I have never had a problem with walking and once I climbed the initial hill, it felt quite easy for the rest of the walk. I think walking is great for many reasons.

Fresh Air and exercise whether it is a myth or not always seem to give you a fresh perspective on things especially if you feel like you have got a lot on your mind that you want to work through. I find that as soon as I step foot out the front door, I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It also gives you a distraction from day-to-day life as you can take in the scenery. I could write a long list about the proven health benefits but lets just say it strengthens your muscles and your heart, it lowers your risk of disease and it helps prevent dementia. Every walk is also in itself a mini adventure. You will take in streets you had never truly noticed before and see things from a different perspective. And finally a crucial benefit for me it improve your balance and coordination.

I find that even though I am from the country and used to open space, I do enjoy walking through a city that has so much going on. One minute you can be walking down a high street, the next your exploring a slice of suburbia and with that there is such a variety of buildings from Victorian townhouses, to post war blocks of flats and modern, even post-modern apartments.  You also gain a much better perspective on the scale of the city, how close together places are and it gives you an idea of the areas you want to be in.

Crystal Palace to Gipsy Hill, to Dulwich, to Tulse Hill, then into Herne Hill and on to Brixton and amazingly it was only after the full 4 miles that I reached my 10,000 steps. So that gives you an idea of how active you really need to be and if nothing else it is food for thought. Thats 10 minute dash to the station or popping down the street to grab lunch is nowhere near enough steps to keep you fit and healthy! But don’t feel overwhelmed, after all if you set your mind to it you can probably achieve much more than you ever imagined.



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